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Our Mission We are determined to break the cycle of abuse and neglect our boys have found themselves in and, as a result, raise a generation of productive, successful young men whose hope is founded in Jesus Christ. The mission of Hope House is guided by this verse in Luke 2:52, ”And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Following this example, everything we do at Hope House is driven by our desire to cultivate these four areas in the lives of the children under our care:


Wisdom - Intellectual Development

Stature - Physical Development

Favor with God - Spiritual Development

Favor with Man - Social and Emotional Development


Intellectual Development


Advancing education, providing educational opportunities and life skill training for our boys, is critical to our mission. The majority of the children under our care come to us without any official documentation or public records, such as a certificate of birth or vaccination record. We work to obtain these documents, insuring the child is registered and can attend school. Once the child is enrolled, we provide tutors and mentors to assist the child in achieving his or her age-based performance level in the classroom. This is a time-intensive process.


Moreover, we also provide opportunities on campus to teach and allow each child to develop transferable life skills. This is done in a variety of safe environments such as a professional-level wood working classroom and a horticulture and aguaponics program. The life skills emphasized include: Reading Text, Document Use, Numeracy, Writing, Oral Communication, Working with Others, Thinking Skills (such as Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Assessing, Job Task Planning, Organizing, Significant Use of Memory and Finding Information), Continuous Learning and, lastly, Computer Use. This vocational training and life skill development greatly assist each child in obtaining and maintaining employment in the future.


In addition to these educational and vocational training opportunities, we also provide health education in areas such as pregnancy prevention, family planning and STD prevention. Hygiene education is also taught and includes subject matter such as personal hygiene, personal care and disease prevention.


Physical Development


All of the children under our supervision have received little or no medical care before arriving at our home. Not only have their medical needs been grossly neglected, but many of them have been severely abused and/or malnourished. To begin, we work closely with licensed medical practitioners to provide each child a full medical examination. Medical files are then opened for each child and documentation added once each medical, dental, optical or other specific health requirement is meet. This is vital for enrolling the child in school and for his future employment. This also allows us to chart each child's progress and physical development, establish a medical history for each child and insures we meet the requirements of governmental entities of Jalisco, Mexico entrusted with supervising our service to minors. In addition to regularly scheduled medical checkups, we must also respond to any sudden illnesses or medical emergencies.


Like regular medical care, proper nutrition and daily exercise is also crucial for sustaining a long, healthy life. We work with qualified nutritionists and professionally trained chefs to prepare and serve nutritious meals that fit within our budget and the culture. And lastly, our boys are given time to develop muscular coordination and fine-motor skills in organized group activities, such as soccer, and independent play.


Spiritual, Social and Emotional Development


Counseling is a crucial element in achieving our goal of returning optimally functioning individuals to society. The process can be described as follows. Working together with local and state government agencies within Mexico, we receive custody of minors removed by these agencies from high-risk environments. Once under our care and enrolled in our counseling program, we work to restore the shattered family unit, reconcile families and encourage spiritual, moral and character development.


As a result of participating in our counseling program, the boys under our care are given the resources, tools, guidance and encouragement to reach their age-appropriate social and emotional developmental level. This is fundamental for the child, once he reaches legal adult age, to successfully integrate back into society. Follow-up visits are also conducted with the child, and possibly with his family members if suitable, once he has reached legal adulthood and graduated from our institution.

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